Cat attacks mailman with mail slot

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Feisty Cat Battles Mailman Through The Mail Slot, And It's

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Posted 1 year ago; in Video. If it’s not a huge discount on cat food, cats have zero interest in incoming mail. This cat doesn’t bother with mailman etiquette and fights for its rights to refuse mail.

I let a cat bite go untreated for two days and, according to the doctor, would likely have lost my hand if I let it go for another day. It had become extremely infected. I recovered after a course of IV antibiotics, thankfully. Of course, if you don't know for certain that the cat has been immunized against rabies, go to a doctor immediately ... Cat And Mailman Face Off In A Hilarious Daily Ritual. It should be as easy as opening a slot and pushing a letter through, but sometimes delivering the mail can be complicated. Every day when the mailman in this hilarious video visits this house to deliver the mail, the cat known on the Internet as the “Mail Slot Menace” darts to the front door ... Beware of Cat: Mail-Snatching Kitty Scares off the Postal ...

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Aug 25, 2017 ... 'Just make some time': Texas mailman, 57, has donated 100 GALLONS of blood ... White woman who attacked a 'racist white lady' for 'abusing. Sitemap | VJ -

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Weird but Fun Facts About Your Mail Person's Job - Oddee How well do you really know your mail person? Do you know their name? How about what they like to do, outside of miles and miles of daily cardio, also known as work. Where Pets Rule [Archive] - Cat Attacks Mailman Through Mail Slot Delivery Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock