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15+1 sentence examples: 1. In business a poker face can be very useful. 2. She managed to keep a poker face. 3. Albert, normally poker faced, wore a look of pure dismay. 4. He maintained a poker face. 5. He keeps a poker face, you even can't conjectu

How to keep a poker face whilst playing Poker – Lu Dyar –… Some poker players wear sun glasses to hide their eyes. If you are not sure that you can control your eyes, follow their example.It is a good advice to practice a poker face in front of the mirror. You will be able to see your natural expression. Repeat this exercise every day and you will successfully... What does 'Poker face' mean? - Idiom Definition -… What does the idiom 'Poker face' mean? Discover the definition of 'Poker face' in our extensive dictionary of English idioms and idiomatic expressions.Someone with a poker face doesn't show any emotion or reaction so that people don't know what they are feeling. What are some examples of a good poker face? - Quora

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The good news is that you can learn to put on a poker face when you need it. I'm not suggesting phoniness or pretending you're happy when you're angry. But there are times it helps to show no emotion on your face. It's a skill like any other, and it can be improved with practice. Practice having a "poker face" when you feel negative emotions. How to Get a Poker Face at Work - Corporette.com Have you ever worried that your face gives away your thoughts every time? Putting on a poker face is always a good skill to have, but especially with performance reviews (and bonus season) coming up, now is a great time to ponder how to get a poker face at work. Here’s Reader K’s question: A ...

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Leandra Medine | Coolhunter Diary | Magazine de tendencias para The fashion that we wear should please us, not men (who don’t even understand many of our choices). An example? The pyjama style total look that I wore to a birthday party a few days ago, and left many men with a poker face. Dr. Strangelove - Wikipedia

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What does the idiom wore a poker face mean - answers.com What does the idiom wore a poker face mean? This means when someone is telling to anther one that you are like the poker face or avoid, someone. An example of such an idiom would be, "to steer ...