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Fret Slot Cleaning Saw Double. Japanese made Saw from hosco.0.5mm kerf, for cleaning Fret Slots during a re-fret. The double head enables you to clean into the binding on the fingerboard on both edges Cutting Fret Slots : Luthier - reddit The blades are too prone to twisting and generally just not staying accurate enough to do a full fretboard. If you're just cleaning up the slots that are already there, a fine or medium coping saw blade will probably be sufficient, although you'll need to be careful you don't slip and scratch the shit out of the fretboard. Tools, Jigs, & Machinery | Austin Guitar Repair Jescar fret wire (four sizes in stock) Hosco fret end files. Fret slot cleaning saws. Whetstone (1000 & 6000 grit) Fret buffers (padded sandpaper up to 8000 grit) Fret bending machine. Fret pullers. Fret tang nippers (medium and jumbo) Stew-Mac fret cutters. Stew-Mac digital fret calipers. Fret beveling tool. Fretting hammer. German fret saw ... Fret slots saw choice | TalkBass.com A saw with a 0,45mm set width is too narrow for fret slots. Any saw will actually cut a slot that is slightly wider than its set width. That saw would probably cut a slot of about 0,48mm in most woods. Most standard frets are recommended to be installed in slots 0.022"-0.023" wide in fairly hard woods. That converts to 0,55mm-0,58mm in metric.

Neat tip from Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto: James Hingston cleans out a fret slot on a bound fingerboard without damaging the vintage binding. F...

Fretsaw - Wikipedia The fretsaw is a bow saw used for intricate cutting work which often incorporates tight curves. Although the coping saw is often used for similar work, the fretsaw ...

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Our Flush cut Japanese saw if the perfect little saw for fine work giving a smooth finish leaving minimal hand finishing afterwards. The flush cut saw cuts on the pull which gives you extra control when cutting intricate work. The blades are mounted into a hand finished ergonomic handle for comfort and ease of use. Japanese Fret Slot Cleaning Saws - Kenny Duncan Guitars The convenient blade angle lets you clean right up to the edge of the bindings. Easy and efficient refret preparation! Leave fret slots gunk-free, a must for seating replacement fretwire correctly. Made in Japan. Fret slot saw with two blades, one for push-cutting and another for pull-cutting. 0.40 mm / 0.0157 in. thickness blade. Refrets and fingerboard binding — Haze Guitars

I was never happy with the LMI fret saw even for deepening the fret slots, so one day I broke down and purchased yet another saw from StewMac, this time a Japanese style back saw. It works reasonably well for deepening the slots, though I have to be mindful to always clean sawdust from the teeth gullets with each slot and apply paraffin wax to ...

The zero fret slot and 1st fret slot have been cut. When I cut the fingerboard to length, I square it off at the zero fret slot, plus 0.5mm(0.020"), which gives me the required nut compensation to ensure the correct intonation at the nut end of the fingerboard. The adjustable jaw, showing the ebony pad that slides against the side of the saw blade.